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Even if you have purchased at least one of additional features of freemium version, you get ALL the unlimited app functionality, including advanced capture features, absolutely for FREE!

Follow the update of exclusive app Spy Hunter, as well as news on our site, in Facebook and Twitter. The app Spy Hunter reveals a spy and notifies you of access to the phone. If your phone is stolen, Spy Hunter most probably helps you to get a photo of thief. Automatic sending images to Sky Drive deprives spy or thief of the opportunity to hide his face from you.

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To date, Spy Hunter is unique app and has no analogs not only for Windows Phone 8, but also among iPhone and Android apps. The new version allows to measure the heart rate on such popular budget devices without camera flash as Nokia Lumia and Nokia Lumia According to design feature the camera on such models is placed NeoCardiograph Pro is noted from free for extended functionality and additionally allows the user: - to check the matching heart rate with the norm for different types of physical activity - to check the heart rhythm recovery after exercising - to get comments to analysis of the heart rate measuring result.

Your phone has turned into the object of spy interest?

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Are you tired of this? Uncover spies with Spy Hunter! Use your cell phone as bait. Next week in Windows Phone Store appears new version of the application NeoCardiograph Pro, which allows to measure the heat rate on devices without camera flash.

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Thus, numerous Nokia Lumia owners, as well as those fans of Windows Phone smartphones, who managed to obtain the latest budget model Nokia Lumia , can use the app. Besides users of Nokia Lumia and Nokia Lumia , users of top models such as Nokia Lumia now can measure the heart rate. The improved algorithm, which allows to measure the heart rate using a smartphone equipped with a camera in daylight conditions, makes it available.

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More than 30 thousand users of Windows Phone 8 smartphones could ensure the accuracy of measurements using the applications NeoCardiograph and NeoCardiograph Pro. Install our app and measure the heart rate at any time convenient to you. Now NeoCardiograph Pro allows: - to check the matching heart rate with the norm for different types of physical activity - to check the heart rhythm recovery after exercising - to get comments to analysis of the heart measuring result. The easy-to-use interface enables the users to quickly modify SpyHunter's behaviour according to their needs.

Cannot remove stubborn malware? SpyHunter's built-in tech support service called Spyware HelpDesk can create an automated custom fix, tailored to address your specific malware issues. Our tech support can also, at your option, provide you with phone support and remote assistance to help you deal with any issues. A robust multi-layer system scanner with solid features and a user interface that offers customizability. SpyHunter is a comprehensive anti-malware solution designed to provide online protection and security against ransomware, viruses, trojans and other threats, while still offering a user-friendly interface to bring added simplicity to your digital life.

Click logos to view details. SpyHunter combines signature-based malware detection with advanced heuristic detection methods and an array of other security features like its Spyware HelpDesk to catch today's sophisticated malware.

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To remain malware-free, users need a powerful yet easy-to-use anti-malware solution. SpyHunter has been designed with that goal in mind - its adaptive malware detection engine is supported by backend cloud-based threat analysis systems offering robust real-time defense against malware infiltrations. The integrated Compact OS operates at a lower level than Windows and is an integral tool for the removal of rooktis and other stubborn malware infections. SpyHunter also includes an active "System Guard" functionality designed to block malware and other harmful objects before they can infiltrate the subscribers' computer.

To ensure complete malware removal and customer satisfaction, SpyHunter comes with an integrated personalized one-on-one technical support service, the SpyWare HelpDesk.

Subscribers can report any issues they encounter, generate and transmit diagnostic reports, and receive specialized custom fixes directly in SpyHunter. The Spyware HelpDesk gives you the ability to generate and transmit a diagnostic report, which can be analyzed by our technical support team. Our technical specialists can then generate a custom fix, specifically tailored to address the exact issues encountered by your computer. The fix is delivered to SpyHunter, which can apply it using its powerful and advanced removal engine to help rid your system of stubborn and persistent malware infections.

SpyHunter can be used free-of-charge to detect and remove malware and other objects.

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The Multiplayer mode of the game lets the player take down the furry roads at full speed. Each vehicle is armed with real tanks, metal monsters, and more. Now, it depends on the player, how he arranges to take down his opponents. The game begins with the player selecting his car and participating in racing events where he explores detailed environments.

Midway Arcade launches on iOS with Joust, Spy Hunter, more

The game offers a detailed environment and puts the player in control of his selected tank in order to fight against rivals. The player moves across the world from a third-person view, use his tank in battlefield to destroy others and complete the objectives before reaching the end. In the start, the player needs to select his tank, weaponry, and clash with the number of opponents in action-packed and fast-paced real-time fights.

In Multiplayer, the player can challenge his buddies and destroy their tanks to make points and level up his rank. There are different countries and the player has to choose his one before starting competition. The aim is to defend his country from rival players and complete the tasks to become the winner.

Check it out, and have fun. The game takes place in the retro-style environment where the ultimate task of the player is to drive the car and struggle to destroy enemy vehicles with a variety of weapons. The player explores the environment from a top-down perspective and acts as the spy, who is driving an armed sports car to complete the missions.

The player must collect as many points as possible by destroying the cars while protecting the civilian vehicles. The gameplay starts with the player driving the G interceptor from a top-down view, with a simple task to destroy the enemies using the weapons. The game rewards the player with points for each wrecked cars, and the player can unlock grenades, bombs, and other influential weapons using his points to blast his way to clear the road. As the game advances, the player can get into the new regions with different weather conditions and terrain.

Oil Slicks, surface-to-air-missiles, and smoke screen are prominent weapons in the game. Spy Hunter is the best game for those who love playing Vehicular Combat video games. Show Details.