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A few moments earlier, benchmarking scores of iPhone 6s were published thanks to a lucky customer getting her hands on a Rose Gold iPhone much sooner than the actual release date. Before we get to benchmarking tests, given below are the hardware specification differences between all devices so you have a brief idea of how they will fare in the tests. The image has been given below. Even after possessing just two cores, Apple A9 is effortlessly able to obliterate the competition in the single-core test.

The pen gets its expected annual upgrades this year. It now clicks out, so you can press in the end to make it easier to yank the stylus out of the handset. You can also now do things like take multi-page screenshots and write notes on its screen before even waking up the phone thanks to that AMOLED panel. For many Note owners, though, the appeal is in the extra sense of precision that you get from using a stylus. Speaking of which, this year's model may look like metal, but it's a metallic-looking plastic — though it does have a more solid-feeling tip.

Both handsets have excellent touch-based fingerprint sensors, though Apple's Touch ID is still tied to more notable software perks like password managers and app extensions than Samsung's is.

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Don't be fooled by the lopsided resolutions here, as both cameras are among the best you'll find in smartphones. The Note's 16 MP sensor will only show if you do lots of zooming or cropping, or if you blow your shots up to billboard or maybe just poster size. This is one area where Apple is expected to improve the rumored iPhone 6s Plus, so if you're eyeing the iPhone, you'd be wise to hold off a few weeks.

Both handsets' back-facing shooters can shake off the effects of your shaky hands, with built-in Optical Image Stabilization. We haven't yet tested the Note's battery, but in our benchmark streaming video over Wi-Fi with brightness at 75 percent the iPhone 6 Plus dropped 12 percent per hour. Apple has yet to put a fast-charging feature which will only be noticeable when the battery is almost cooked in iPhones, but the Note has that for the second straight year.

The Galaxy Note 5 also has built-in wireless charging, and if you buy a special charger from Samsung it will also be fast wireless charging, a first. We aren't seeing many flagships these days with removable batteries. Everything is locked tight here. Retailers don't have to install any NFC equipment, as it should work with most standard credit card readers on Day One.

Samsung also appears to have ditched microSD card slots in its flagships, as none of its other high-end phones have them either. On paper this looks like a rout, but you can't gather much of anything about Apple's chips from their cores and clock speeds alone. The A8 is still a beast. The Note has the same processor found in the Galaxy S6, which has some of the best performance of any phone we've used.

Galaxy Note 5 vs iPhone 6s Plus

Like in previous years, Samsung's Multi Window and Pop Up window features won't work with all apps, which could put a slight damper on the Note's otherwise handy split-screen multitasking. This is about as niche as it gets, but if you ever wished you could type on your fancy new Android phablet like it's a BlackBerry, then Samsung has just the thing for you. We're looking at Android Lollipop on the Note, with that Samsung TouchWiz UI on top, which not only gives it its own Samsungy look, but also opens the door to all those note-taking and multitasking goodies.

Though Samsung's software improved this year, and the Play Store has plenty of great apps, we still think iOS is the more intuitive platform with the App Store being the slightly higher-quality library. This comparison could be handy if you already own an iPhone 6 Plus, or if you're looking at a discount on a used one, but this isn't a great time to buy the phablet.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Duos 32GB vs Apple iPhone 6S Plus 16GB

For likely the same price, you'll probably be able to buy an upgraded version this time next month. Just remember that most buyers will save upfront money by subsidizing or less frequently these days signing a contract. For more from Gizmag, you can check out our hands-on with the Galaxy Note 5 and our full review of the iPhone 6 Plus. LOG IN. Menu HOME. Lume adds size and toilet to its breezy convertible glamping trailer. How sounds can help you solve problems in your sleep. The application is super easy to install on the mobile phone you want to spy. It starts uploading the tracked phone's usage information and its exact location instantly.

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In order to configure what a triple click does, go to the settings app, then tap general- accessibility- accessibility shortcut. To5mac claims to have spotted mention of an iphone resolution matching the one shown in the photograph within the xcode 6 sdks instructions for ios 8s springboard home screen.